Cooking Classes

Upcoming Classes

We are proud to announce our 1st class starting on the 10th of October ’2011.

These classes are perfect for you to participate in on your own or with friends.

A Jaipur Kitchen Class is also a great gift.

Here are the types of classes we run. For a full schedule of upcoming classes see below.

Hands-on Classes

Some of the classes we run at The Jaipur Kitchen School are hands-on, allowing you full involvement in the cooking process. The lessons run for 2 hours, with between 10 – 20 people participating. We try to create a very social, friendly environment in our classes and everyone cooks as part of a team (so don’t worry about coming along by yourself).

Demonstration Classes

Our demonstration classes at The Jaipur Kitchen have a very intimate, informal feel to them and are perfect for people who would just like to sit back, relax and let a Chef do all the work, while they sip on tea or coffee and enjoy the flavours and textures of the dishes. Lessons run for 2 hours with between 10 – 20 people observing. Our Chef will usually demonstrate 2 or 3 dishes over the course of the lesson, while the class observes, enjoys generous samples of the dishes and ask as many questions as they wish. The beauty of the demo classes is that you don’t have to wait until the end of the night to sample the menu.

Kids in the kitchen

Our brand new hands-on Kids in the Kitchen classes are the perfect place for kids to start learning how to cook. Accompanied by their parents (or gardian) we have 4 Kids in the Kitchen classes for you to choose from and these are split into 2 age groups – 6 to 9yrs and 10 to 13 yrs. Classes are kept small with 2 chefs to ensure personalisied instruction. The cooking experience goes for 2 hours which includes lunch.

Corporate Classes

The Jaipur Kitchen is a unique location for corporate team building, social club activities, special client events and can even be used as a venue for product launches or media events.  We can cater for groups of up to 24 guests.

You can choose from hands-on or demonstration style classes. We can also cater at your own premises and even provide cooking demonstrations and classes if required.

Team Building Classes

We run a range of classes specifically geared towards Corporate Team Building. These 3 hour classes combine hands-on cooking with relaxed dining to strike a perfect balance between education and enjoyment.

Group Classes

The Jaipur Kitchen is a unique location for a truly memorable birthday or anniversary celebration with a difference.  It’s also a great place for a pre-wedding party such as a Beer and BBQ cooking class and dinner (for the hims) or a Chocolate decadence class (for the hers).

"Cooking Classes in Jaipur"

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